The History of Risk: A Game of Global Domination


The game of Risk involves diplomacy, strategy, and a healthy dose of luck. The fun that you can get from playing a game about conquering the world can be incomparable.

What is Risk?

Risk is a board game that can be played by two to six players. The board consists of a map of the world that is divided into six continents and four territories. There are three types of armies: the infantry, cavalry, and artillery. It has 42 cards that have armies and continents printed on them. To win, you need to eliminate other players and conquer all the continents. It involves attacking fellow players and taking their armies. Whoever does the most dice rolling has the most chances of winning.

History of Risk

Since you don’t have to necessarily know the history of a game to enjoy it. However, you can appreciate it more if you know where it came from. So you can also enjoy the older versions by knowing the evolutions that it went through over the years. Risk originated from France. It was first called “La Conquete Du Monde”.

Evolution of Risk

In the year 1957, Risk was developed by Miro Company in France. In 1959, it was introduced in the US by Parker Brothers. The name was changed from Risk Continental Game to Risk: A Game of Global Domination. The Parker brothers made slight modifications when they introduced it in the US. It featured Europe as the only continent that players prepared to conquer. The Parker brothers have hidden spies, armies, and unique mission cards. It made playing more comfortable and the time to play it shorter. In 1993, the secret mission cards which were built originally in the European version were added to the US version.

Other Modern Versions of Risk

Furthermore, later versions of Risk give players the option to conquer the land, underwater, and the moon. It gained further popularity when it released its Lord of the Rings version. The game incorporated mythology when it released Godstorm in 2004.

Through the years, a lot of versions were released. The basic version of the original game was published in 2008. Some of the soldiers and cards became collectable items. We are also hopeful that will have a digital version of this epic board game for the United Kingdom 2018. Follow the launch of new UK casino brands to find out.

Tips and Tricks

Furthermore, dice probabilities can offer many offensive and defensive strategies. So take continents that are easier to defend. Those continents include South America and Australia. They have fewer entry points compared to other continents. So be strategic with your attacks. If your forces are spread out, it is difficult to defend your continents. Furthermore, build your defences tightly. It is a low key strategy, but it can make you win the game. Troops that are placed in areas that have a lot of entry points should be able to defend them adequately.

Final Word

To win the game, try to play it several times with different players. Each player can teach you various strategies. Learn from them. Finally, the most important part is that you need to remember to HAVE FUN.

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