Poker Rules 2022


Rules of Texas Hold ‘Em

When you hear the word Poker, I am sure Texas Hold ‘Em is the first thing that pops into your head.  Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular version of Poker played the world over.  You may be put off learning the game due to its perceived complications.  However, it is a lot easier to learn than you think, and once you know the basics, you will be able to play with the most avid enthusiasts.

The aim of the game

The objective of Texas Hold ‘Em is like any other game of chance – to win money.  Winning other people’s money is the primary objective of Poker.  Betting is done within the game by the players, and the limits and size of the bets are decided by each player.


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How to play

Most other casino games involve the process of place a bet, look at your cards and then win or lose.  With Texas Hold ‘Em you are dealt your cards, place a bet, get some more cards, place a chance again.  This process continues until your opponents fold one at a time, and you are the winner.  Folding is not ideal as it means you lose the hand.

Should there be one other person still playing the hand, the player with the best hand wins the pot.  Pot means the bets that are on the table for that particular hand.

At the start of the game, players make a small bet before any cards are dealt.  Players are then traded two cards each that are faced down.  You then need to place a bet or fold.  Three cards are then dealt face up in the centre of the table.  The two cards in front of you and the three cards in the centre of the table makes up the five card hand.  Players then bet or fold without touching their cards.  A fourth card is then placed on the table face up; followed by more bets. A fifth card is placed in the centre of the table, and more bets are made.  Any player still in the game faces their two cards up to see who wins the pot.  The winner takes all the money for that hand.

How are the hands ranked?

A player gets five cards in a hand of Texas Hold ‘Em.  The best hand is a Royal Flush, and the worst hand is a high card.  The ranking and value of the cards follow the essential ranking and value of Poker rules.

When comparing who has the better hand between two players at the end of a hand, a Royal Flush will always trump any other combination of cards.  At the very least and most unlikely of odds, a high card (for example, an Ace) will win the hand.

Texas Hold ‘Em is a tremendous and action-packed Poker game.  It is not for the faint-hearted and required both skill and strategy.  The only way to get good at Texas Hold ‘Em is to play, play and play some more.  You can choose to play casually at first and then start playing for money as your confidence grows.

All You Need To Know About Scrabble


If you are spending the weekend with your friends, try to play scrabble. This game can expand your vocabulary, enhance your spelling, and make you think of strategies that will enable you to score a lot of points.

What is Scrabble?

It is a classic word game that is consists of board and tiles. The game was invented by Alfred Musher Butts. The tiles consist of letters with corresponding points on them. The points on each letter were worked out using books and newspapers as references. Letters that are rarely used get more points also the board consists of 15×15 squares. 2 to 4 people can play the game. Each letter is printed on a tile that can be used to assemble words.

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How to Play Scrabble?

You should have an official scrabble board, tiles, and racks. So the game starts with each player getting one tile from a bag. The player with the closest letter to the beginning of the alphabet begins first. The players can decide if they want to take turns in a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction. Each letter corresponds to a number. Each player gets seven tiles. The first player gets double points, and he or she can use all seven letters in one go. The next player puts another word. The words should include a letter that is part of the first word. It is allowed to build 2 or more words by touching more than two tiles from the other players. The other words should be valid. Especially relevant is that they should be found in the dictionary.

Board and Letter Scores

The first player should initially put his or her words in the middle part of the board. The star in the middle represents a premium board square. It multiplies score by 2x. You can find words such as a double word, double letter,  triple words and triple letters on the board. So you can get an advantage by using all the tiles on your rack. Doing this can give you an additional of 50 points. There are also blank tiles which you can use to substitute for letters.

Scrabble Trivia

The highest point in a single scrabble turn was 365. The word used was QUIXOTRY. It was put in a triple word score on the board. Furthermore, there are currently 29 languages used in Scrabble. The original name was Lexico. There are official tournaments in other countries which make the game complicated. You can make the right longest word by creating OXYPHENBUTAZONE. It is a kind of non – steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Tips for Playing Scrabble

So, learn how to play a lot of two-letter words. These words contain high-value letters. You won’t get stuck by letters that are infrequently occurring in the dictionary. You should learn to letter “s” on existing words. Add suffixes such as “er” or “ed” if possible. Watch out for possible bingos or landing triple word tiles. Be careful with the letter Q because it is seldom used. Therefore these tips can get you a lot of points and help you win the game. Finally, to find all of my new blog articles at Best Board Games UK.

The History of Risk: A Game of Global Domination


The game of Risk involves diplomacy, strategy, and a healthy dose of luck. The fun that you can get from playing a game about conquering the world can be incomparable.

What is Risk?

Risk is a board game that can be played by two to six players. The board consists of a map of the world that is divided into six continents and four territories. There are three types of armies: the infantry, cavalry, and artillery. It has 42 cards that have armies and continents printed on them. To win, you need to eliminate other players and conquer all the continents. It involves attacking fellow players and taking their armies. Whoever does the most dice rolling has the most chances of winning.

History of Risk

Since you don’t have to necessarily know the history of a game to enjoy it. However, you can appreciate it more if you know where it came from. So you can also enjoy the older versions by knowing the evolutions that it went through over the years. Risk originated from France. It was first called “La Conquete Du Monde”.

Evolution of Risk

In the year 1957, Risk was developed by Miro Company in France. In 1959, it was introduced in the US by Parker Brothers. The name was changed from Risk Continental Game to Risk: A Game of Global Domination. The Parker brothers made slight modifications when they introduced it in the US. It featured Europe as the only continent that players prepared to conquer. The Parker brothers have hidden spies, armies, and unique mission cards. It made playing more comfortable and the time to play it shorter. In 1993, the secret mission cards which were built originally in the European version were added to the US version.

Other Modern Versions of Risk

Furthermore, later versions of Risk give players the option to conquer the land, underwater, and the moon. It gained further popularity when it released its Lord of the Rings version. The game incorporated mythology when it released Godstorm in 2004.

Through the years, a lot of versions were released. The basic version of the original game was published in 2008. Some of the soldiers and cards became collectable items. We are also hopeful that will have a digital version of this epic board game for the United Kingdom 2018. Follow the launch of new UK casino brands to find out.

Tips and Tricks

Furthermore, dice probabilities can offer many offensive and defensive strategies. So take continents that are easier to defend. Those continents include South America and Australia. They have fewer entry points compared to other continents. So be strategic with your attacks. If your forces are spread out, it is difficult to defend your continents. Furthermore, build your defences tightly. It is a low key strategy, but it can make you win the game. Troops that are placed in areas that have a lot of entry points should be able to defend them adequately.

Final Word

To win the game, try to play it several times with different players. Each player can teach you various strategies. Learn from them. Finally, the most important part is that you need to remember to HAVE FUN.

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Why are board games getting popular?

popularity of board gamesWe all know the time when we gathered our friends, got a few snacks along the way, sat around a table, and play Monopoly and Uno all day long, chomping on our favourite chips and having a time of our lives. That feels pretty nostalgic now, considering the millennial age is mostly interested in the internet, or so it seems. After some recent surveys, it has come to light that the newer generation of children and teenagers alike are particularly interested in board games and are contributing a lot to make them great again, but why? Let’s look in detail!

They are new Board Games coming:

Most people still only know about Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders, but in reality, there are more than you thought. The primary and fundamental reason that board games are getting a considerable revival is that the industry is continuously rolling out new ones that are not only more fun, but also more challenging. If you browse over the main Kickstarter landing page, you’ll find that almost 55% of the highest funded projects are board games. One prominent example is the Settlers of Catan, which is spiking in popularity nowadays, potentially due to its fantastic marketing and ease of play. And speaking of marketing…

The internet boosted demand:

The second most common reason that board games are getting favorite is that the manufacturers of the games finally know that the modern age can only be convinced through the internet, so they have upped their marketing and advertisement to a whole new level, and introduced these new board games with an entirely different perspective that appeals to the young audience. Considering the fact the board games were one of the first games to be invented in the world nearly thousands of years ago, they won’t go down anytime soon!

The previous ones are getting newer variations:

You all played Chess, GO or Monopoly at least once in your life, right? Well, they’re getting some more expansions and spin-offs. If you search the classic board games on Kickstarter, many new fundraising campaigns have started for more modern variations of already existing games, like a Star Wars version of Monopoly, an expansion for Settlers of Catan to allow more players, a newer variety of Pandemic and many more. The creators are breaking the wall between media and board games, and because of that, they’re getting a whole lot accessible than they used to be!

That’s some of our thoughts on why the age of Board Games is rising again. Although no board game has beat the sales and popularity of the all-time classic Monopoly, there have been many new ones released that had the potential to, with the best ones being Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Pandemic and Carcassonne. What are your thoughts on the recent spike in the popularity of different board games? Do you think it’ll be influential, or will this merely be buried into dust after a few months?

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How to play The Settlers of Catan

how to play settlers of catan

The Settlers of Catan is a pretty unique board game, and that uniqueness has made it win over ten awards. It can be played by over 3 to 4 players, but if you have more people you’d like to play with, you can use the expansion along with the baseboard to spice things up. This guide is aimed at total beginners to the game, so if you’re one of them, then you’ve come to the right place! Learn how to play this board game, then gather some friends and have fun!

Basics of the game:

  • The primary objective of the board game is for you to be the first one to achieve ten victory points. Points can be earned by buying cards, building structures, and getting accomplishment cards like Largest Army and Longest Road.
  • The box may contain the following items:
  • 19 hexes of different terrains (4 sheep, three brick, four wheat, four wood, one dessert and three ore)
  • 6 Sea Frame Pieces
  • A robber pawn can be black or grey
  • 18 number tokens
  • 25 development cards, which include six progress cards, 14 knight cards, and five victory points.
  • Four sets of wooden player pieces in 4 colours each with four cities, 15 roads and five settlements.
  • Resource cards for all the terrains except for the desert.
  • Two coloured dice, one yellow and one red
  • Four building cost cards for each player.
  • Most massive Army and Longest Road cards.

Starting the game:

  • First off, you’ll make the outer frame using the sea frame pieces, and then place the hexes into the final frame such that all of it is filled up. Now, put the number tokens on top of the hexes. There will be 18 tokens, so don’t place one on the desert hex.
  • Now, place the robber on the desert tile. It’s the pawn that looks like a bowling pin. You can’t move the robber unless you get a seven or play a knight card.
  • Finally, keep the resource and development cards in reach for all players. Keep the resource cards faced up but in different stacks, one stack of sheep, one stack of rocks and vice versa. Keep the development cards away from the resource ones, and place them upside down. You can shuffle the development cards, but not the resource cards!

Playing the game:

  • Now, each player throws the two dice. The one with the highest number chooses his/her colour and their first settlement. They can build their first settlement by placing their settlement at an intersection of three hexes. The player will then receive the resources around the settlement every time the dice number is equal to the number on the hexes.
  • Now get your resource cards depending on the hexes on each side of your settlement. The turns go in a clockwise direction, to take turns and collect your resources when you are eligible to.
  • Take a look at your building cost card to see what you need to build to get victory points and what resources they require.
  • Development cards are the trump cards in this board game. The Knight allows you to move the robber at any hex, while the Monopoly card will enable you to collect all the resources you announce that they have in their hand.
  • You can trade four same resource cards for a different resource card with any player. However, if you are at a particular or generic harbour, you can swap two cards or three same cards for any resource card. Keep playing and trading, and be the first to make as many settlements and buildings as possible, getting to the 10-victory point limit.
  • When you win, announce that you have the ten victory points and walk away in style!

The History Of Chess

chess and its history

Chess history goes back decades to the ages. Everyone has heard about chess, and from the ancients playing with rock, it has evolved into some countries holding the most prominent chess tournaments.
For some, it’s a hobby to play with a friend some take it so seriously then competes and train to be the best.Chess is well known and played by millions but where it originated causes nothing but disagreements. It is a highly debatable subject. With so many stories, legends and gossip trails it starts and ends as a dispute.

It is thought to be a game that was invented by several brainy people as the game is just too complicated for one human brain to think of. The first champion of chess was Wilhelm Steinitz in 1886. The game is about domination and the best decision-making skills to be a champion.

Where did chess originate?

We can trace back the chess history to about 1500 years ago, but this is not certain it could go back even further it’s just uncertain. It is said the earliest prototype originated in India roughly before the 6th century before Christ. Some believe it was started in China then India than from there ended up at Persia. Once the Arabs had taken over Persia, Chess was popular among the Muslims later gained popularity in southern Europe.

It was in Europe that it advanced it is now current state around the time of the 15th century.In the 15th century chess was more a quick, tactical movement game rather than the extended plan each move game.
When it hit the 19thcentury chess tournaments began. In 1886 the first world championship was held.
The 20th century brought us the creation of the world chess federation now we have evolved with online chess gaming.

How has the game changed?

The famous chess game dating so far back still has the same features as the modern game of chess. The game then was played on an eight by eight squares the same as ours today. The difference there is our board is checkered the old boards were not.

Some identities of the character pieces are different although some people still prefer to play with the simple ancient designed pieces.The strategy is the same between the two, but there weren’t the dominant moves like the pawns double move, the powerful queen and the high angle from the bishop.
Then there is the queen. However, no woman was allowed on the battlefield.

There was the king’s advisor. He was however weak and could only move one square at a time in a diagonal direction. He was though used to guard the king piece from an attack.Chess is one of the most loved board games but like most things have changed over the times. We hope that more information can help us regarding the history of chess will come to the surface. To see what else we can discover about this historical and well-respected game of chess

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How To Play 221B Baker Street?

how to play 21b baker street
“My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know. ”

Featuring the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 221B Baker Street is a game which will challenge your critical thinking abilities. The name of the game is derived from the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes’ residence located at 221B Baker Street.

About 221 B Baker Street: The Master Detective Board Game

221B Baker Street is a board game developed by Jay Moriarty under Antler Productions in 1975. The game was sold in the US since 1977, by John N. Hansen Co.

In this mind exercise game, the players will have to solve mysterious cases based on clues. The players can gather these clues by visiting different locations on the board. The areas include the following:

  • 221B Baker Street, which is the start and the end location
  • Chemist
  • Carriage Depot
  • Hotel
  • Museum
  • Scotland Yard
  • Theater

Other sites have several entrances and exit points which players can use as a shortcut. The original 221B Baker Street game version only has 20 cases to solve. But the game now has ten expansion sets consist of 20 cases each. With this, a total of 200 cases are now available for play.

The Game Mechanics

A great mind game, 221B Baker Street is a game which can be played by two to six players. During the game, the players will assume the role of Sherlock Holmes as an investigator. They will compete with one another to determine who has the best skills in the art of deduction. Using the cases as clues, the players will try to identify the culprit,  weapon used, and motive behind the case. Each case features a small paragraph which gives the players bits of information about the crime they must resolve. The clues typically come in three forms – descriptive, a clue about the killer, weapon and motive or no evidence. Clues usually come in the form of a riddle and sometimes comes in multi-part clues.

The Gameplay

Here is how 221B Baker Street is played:

Step 1: Reading a case.

The game begins with one player reading the case aloud, and the rest of the players take note of the details of the case. It is recommended that a time limit will be set on reading the clue.

Step 2: Rolling the dice.

Each player will have to roll the six-sided dice to decide their movements on the board.

Step 3: Reading the clues.

Upon reaching a location after rolling the dice, the player reads the clues and make notes.

Step 4: Keep rolling.

Rolling of the dice continues until a winner emerges or all of the game players have played. If a player believes he or she have uncovered the case, that player may go back to the starting point. The player then announces the critical aspects of the crime – the culprit, weapon and motive. Other information may also be required as outlined in the introduction of the case. The players must then check the rulebook to verify the solution. If the player’s guess is wrong, that player gets excluded from the game.

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How to play Bridge

Get started with bridge

Regarded by many as the most excellent game consisting of cards, Bridge is the most challenging, but the enjoyable game you’ll ever play in your life! This article is made for people who are complete newbies to the game, so if you’re one, then you’ve come to the right place! The bridge is a pretty complicated card game if you compare them to others like solitaire, but once you learn how to play it, it becomes a piece of cake! So, without any further ado, let’s start!

Basics of the game:

  • The game itself is divided into two parts, the bidding, and the play. Let’s look at the game first since it directly affects everything you need to know about bidding.
  • First off, you’ll need at least four players, as the game is played in teams of two. Each opponent and his teammate sit opposite to each other, not together.
  • There are 52 total cards in the entire deck, which essentially means that each player will get 13 cards. The cards are distributed in a clockwise direction, from the dealer to the left of him/her.
  • There’s a total of four suits with different rarities, with spades being the highest, then hearts, then diamonds, and then finally clubs on the bottom of the list. The ranking only affects bidding, not the play.
  • This is optional, but you can name only one suit as trump. Whether It be clubs or hearts, the trump will then be the highest suit, beating spades.
  • The cards of each suit are also ranked in the following order: Ace, King, Queen, Joker, and then the numbers 10 to 2. The Ace is the highest and two is the lowest.

The play:

The primary objective in Bridge is to win tricks with your teammate. What is a method? A trick consists of a total of four cards, one from each player.So, since each player has 13 cards, that means that you’ll have to play 13 tricks per game. There are a few rules for every trick though.

  • The first rule is that the very first card that is played is called the lead, you’ll need to play a card belonging to the same suit as the lead card.
  • The second rule is that if you don’t have the same suit’s card, you may play a card from any other suit as well.

Now, let’s look at the rules for determining the winner:

  • If all the cards are of the same suit, the highest card of that suit wins. For example, if the cards are 8, King, 5 and Ace, then the ace wins.
  • However, if there is a trump suit involved, the highest card of the trump suit wins.

The bidding:

This one is straightforward. Bidding is the act done before the play. In the bidding, you decide the trump suit, how many tricks will count as the win, and the lead.

That’s it for the basics of Bridge. This game is a tough one, so go out, find some friends and play to your heart’s content!

Get started with GO?

get started with GO

The ancient Chinese board-game GO is a fascinating and game involving a general strategy for two players. The goal of the game is to secure more territory than the one you are playing with using the playing pieces called ‘stones’. It is one of the oldest board games being almost 2,500 years old. It has relatively simple rules, but it is more complex and tactical than chess, because of the more prominent board and more pieces. There are two players who get either white or black pieces. If you are new to GO, this article will be of great help to you as it will guide you on its rules, basics and how to play! Be sure to read thoroughly and have fun!

Some necessary things to know:

Before we move to its basic rules, some things you’ll need to know are:

  • GO is a game for two players.
  • To play GO, you’ll need to have black & white pieces or stones and a board with lines/squares.
  • The board will be filled up during the game. It is empty at the start.
  • You will need to take turns with your partner to place the stones. One stone will be placed per turn.
  • Once you place a stone on the board, you can’t change your move or take it back.
  • The player in possession of the black stones gets to move first.
  • Stones will always be placed on the intersections of the lines, not the squares.
  • You can put your stones anywhere across these intersections.

Basic Rules and how to play:

The two parties take turns to place the stones on the intersecting lines, one by one on the grid of the GO board. The grid is based upon 19×19 lines, and one cannot take back a stone once it is placed. The vertical and horizontal placing of stones adjacently forms a colour chain, and this chain cannot be divided, hence creating a larger stone. These chains can be enlarged by placing more stones. Any vacant point occurring sideways to a stone is called liberty. Stones that are present in chains will share their rights. To remain on the board, one liberty must be possessed by the chain. If not so, it is to be captured and put away from the board. Any stone that is surrounded by the opposing party is said to be captured and removed from the board.


There are two types of scoring methods used and usually both give the same results. They are:

  • Area scoring
  • Territory scoring

In Area scoring, a player’s score is measured by the number of stones on the board of the colour they’re playing with along with the number of empty intersections across the player’s pieces.

In Territory scoring, both parties retain the opposing parties captured stones called ‘prisoners’ Furthermore, any dead stones present towards the end of a match are also captured. Thus the final score is calculated by the number of prisoners in one’s possession plus the number of empty intersections across the player’s stones.

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Learn how to get started with Chess

learn how to play chess

A board game that is not only fun but also improves your agility, thinking ability, cognitive functions and smartness – Yes! We are talking about chess. Chess is a complicated game with compelling, complex strategic ways and tactics that need to be used to win.

No matter how old you are, it’s never late to play a game of chess or to learn it if you don’t know how to. The most famous board game in the world has some simple rules on which the game is based, which will be thoroughly explained in this article. Read below and learn all about this fun game easily!

The Chess pieces and their arrangement

Starting from the basics, each player gets 16 pieces to play with. The chess pieces are six types. The articles include:

  • One King piece
  • One Queen piece
  • 2 Bishops pieces
  • Two Rook pieces
  • 2 Knight pieces
  • 8 Pawns

Each person gets these as either black or white pieces. The chess board contains 64 squares, half of which are white and the other half are black. The pieces are arranged from the player’s point of view, i.e. each one’s left to right. The order of arrangement is as follows:

Rook, Knight, Bishop, King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook in the first row and all the eight pawns are arranged in the second row.

How to move chess pieces

After the arrangement comes to the movement. Pawns can move only forward, either 1 or 2 squares. On reaching the other end of the chessboard, the pawn gets promotion as a higher piece. Rooks can move either forward, backward or sideways in a straight line. Knights can ‘jump’ off unlike others and cannot be blocked. The bishop is accustomed to diagonal movement in each or any desired direction. The queen is to move in straight and diagonal lines either sideways, backward or forward. The king can go in any place but only one square only each time. It cannot be moved to any position that the opponent is attacking.

Checkmating and stalemating

The only way you can win a match in chess is to put the opponent’s king under “checkmate”. Checkmate is when the king is in check by the opponent’s piece which can neither be blocked nor captured, and the king is in check cannot move anywhere.

“Stalemate” is a tie to put it simply. When all the spaces are in under attack around the king, but the king is not under checkmate, blocking the path of the king, it is referred to as “stalemate”. It is a condition achieved when there is no room for the player to move or any legal tactics for an opponent to use.

In conclusion, there are uncountable ways to win in a game of chess, and the best thing about it is the numerous tactics and strategies that can be used to play your pieces. Piece value, Board control, and Pawn promotion are some of the basic strategies that are used by countless others. So, go ahead, grab a board and play and maybe make your very own approach too while you’re having fun with it!