All You Need To Know About Scrabble


If you are spending the weekend with your friends, try to play scrabble. This game can expand your vocabulary, enhance your spelling, and make you think of strategies that will enable you to score a lot of points.

What is Scrabble?

It is a classic word game that is consists of board and tiles. The game was invented by Alfred Musher Butts. The tiles consist of letters with corresponding points on them. The points on each letter were worked out using books and newspapers as references. Letters that are rarely used get more points also the board consists of 15×15 squares. 2 to 4 people can play the game. Each letter is printed on a tile that can be used to assemble words.

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How to Play Scrabble?

You should have an official scrabble board, tiles, and racks. So the game starts with each player getting one tile from a bag. The player with the closest letter to the beginning of the alphabet begins first. The players can decide if they want to take turns in a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction. Each letter corresponds to a number. Each player gets seven tiles. The first player gets double points, and he or she can use all seven letters in one go. The next player puts another word. The words should include a letter that is part of the first word. It is allowed to build 2 or more words by touching more than two tiles from the other players. The other words should be valid. Especially relevant is that they should be found in the dictionary.

Board and Letter Scores

The first player should initially put his or her words in the middle part of the board. The star in the middle represents a premium board square. It multiplies score by 2x. You can find words such as a double word, double letter,  triple words and triple letters on the board. So you can get an advantage by using all the tiles on your rack. Doing this can give you an additional of 50 points. There are also blank tiles which you can use to substitute for letters.

Scrabble Trivia

The highest point in a single scrabble turn was 365. The word used was QUIXOTRY. It was put in a triple word score on the board. Furthermore, there are currently 29 languages used in Scrabble. The original name was Lexico. There are official tournaments in other countries which make the game complicated. You can make the right longest word by creating OXYPHENBUTAZONE. It is a kind of non – steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Tips for Playing Scrabble

So, learn how to play a lot of two-letter words. These words contain high-value letters. You won’t get stuck by letters that are infrequently occurring in the dictionary. You should learn to letter “s” on existing words. Add suffixes such as “er” or “ed” if possible. Watch out for possible bingos or landing triple word tiles. Be careful with the letter Q because it is seldom used. Therefore these tips can get you a lot of points and help you win the game. Finally, to find all of my new blog articles at Best Board Games UK.