Modern Board Games

Best Board Games 2018

Have we become more modern with our board games?

We are in a world of board game renaissance. Yes, we know about mousetrap and trouble which are not as sophisticated as some of the modern board games that are out now. Modern board games are set to test your patience then be rewarded for it. Check out some of the excellent board games and add them to your collection for a more complex, deeper thinking board game experience.

It’s not just about tossing dice around anymore or the typical board game that we move counters around a board surface. It is not just about working with a set of rules. There is so much involved with strategy and pure chance.Without the need for any skill level unless we’re talking educational type board games.

What is the aim of a board game


You aim to complete your goal. It may be defeating your opponents in the way of an accrual point system or winning position who gets to the finish first or who doesn’t go bankrupt in games like monopoly.

There are so many board games in the modern world now that all have different ways to reach the winning goal.  We all know monopoly, scrabble and twister oldies but goodies but move them over, pack them away.We are in the world of modern board games now that keep you on the edge of suspense, frustration and pure determination.

Modern games


Amerigo is first on the list that is game on the list to play again and again. You will always come back for more. A cube tower is the centre of the game. The tower gets filled with coloured blocks and as the players drop more blocks in the stuck neighbourhoods become free. This game requires luck and the skill to remember what coloured blocks are already in the tower.Each colour has a different action that you need to remember. As you go around the board, you get more involved in the game. There is a requirement for 2-4 players for this very entertaining tower board game.

A Game of Thrones

A game made popular with the tv version. If you are familiar with the game of thrones series, then you will understand the thrill and excitement this game brings. Chuck on some episodes to play in the background while challenging your friends to your own game of thrones game. This is your chance to rightfully claim the throne. Whoever conquers the most land in the ten rounds of gameplay gets to own the place on top of that throne. It designed for 3-6 players and is indeed a bunch of fun for all game of throne fans. Are you the next throne owner?


Kemet has all the design features of a modern board game with its sharp designed pieces. This game is a war game made by the creators of the Cyclades another favourite board game of the contemporary world.
This game takes its time and isn’t for the quick gamers.

Create a battle on either side of the board and let the fun begin. This game is for between 2-5 players and is a much fun playing with just two or when you add more.

This game takes time to get into the real side of the goal, but once there it’s an experience that outdoes monopoly and twister.