Ancient board games

Ancient board games

Nothing better to do on a cold rainy day than play board games. It occupies cooped up children who are so bored and want countless things to do.

Some board games like monopoly and twister never go out of fashion. You have mousetrap who kids these days don’t know what it is.

There are classic then there are ancient classics some of which are still popular today. Some of the worlds oldest games are listed below. In-depth strategy and essential rules for these games that both children and adults played back in the ancient days when there wasn’t any tv, video games or iPhone.

Does everyone play board games?

There are so many boards games for children and adults. For some people, it’s a way to have fun, and for others, it is the only way to prove their strategies. For some people playing board games has a religious significance. Those who have limited access to high-tech computers and devices can still get entertainment out of board games. Board games are also suited for the elderly they aren’t too complicated and help to fill in their time. The ancients played board games. They are the reason why we have them today so no reason why we can’t continue that.


Types of ancient board games

Ancient board games are still played today remember naughts and crosses? This game is still popular today thanks to the old people who invented it as such. There are still a few things that have changed over time like the Romans used naughts and cross pieces that were moved around the board. Today we often use paper and draw the naughts and crosses.
It’s a straightforward game by being the first to have all three of your icons in a straight line. Comfortable for travelling as you only need a pen and some paper. No complicated rules or skill levels required.



Go is around 3000 years old and was first played in China.   It’s actually so popular there are pieces in the China newspaper regarding the game. Go is the grandpa of board games. The goal of the game is to surround the opponent’s pieces.The rules are simple, but it follows with a strategy that is very intricate, more complicated than chess.

It is probably not for those with no patience levels. If you don’t feel like using your brain much, then perhaps look for another game not so multifaceted. Go has a more sturdy board than chess and many more alternatives to moves you are allowed to make.



The name Mancula comes from Arabic that means to transfer.  The game is said to be about 7000 years old.  You are challenged to move pieces from each bin to bin.  There are several rule variations for the game. Mancula is very popular in Africa with a surrounding 800 different names for this strategy game.There are various levelled boards and different themes to choose from. If you prefer artistic designs, there are themes likes sea shells or wild animals. The most abundant game of Mancula contains 400 play pieces. Although simple, this game is very addictive once you start you can’t stop.

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